Dr Chris Said

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If I’m given the privilege to be elected Nationalist Party leader, I will give it my all to build a united, inclusive and dynamic party, which serves the nation as a formidable opposition and a credible government-in-waiting.

I would open wide our doors to all those who wish to contribute and chase those whose motivation is not yet completely there. I would make sure we are true to ourselves and our mission as the people’s party, turning the Nationalist Party into a 21st century political lab, where ideas are fostered and debates encouraged. I want to lead a party that is brave enough to leave its comfort zone and embark on new journeys, building bridges that have crumbled or that we ourselves pulled down, while setting an ambitious and exciting agenda that will see our country move forward. I want to lead a party that is constantly challenging what we have got used to, a party that stops replicating what might have worked in the past but instead use those models as trajectories to something entirely new. I would run the Nationalist Party as if it was a start-up, with the focus on building communities, stimulating team spirit, thinking out of the box, harvesting technology, investing in people and ensuring that we are constantly where we need to be – at the very heart of Maltese society.

Under my helm there will be room for all those willing to work hard for the party to reconnect with the electorate and to start regaining the people’s trust. The road is long but as a leader I would make my first step with the full conviction that we can and we will get there.

Chris Said - CV

Born in Gozo, the eldest of thirteen.
President of the Students’ Council at the Gozo Sacred Heart Seminary, winning his peers’ trust for three consecutive years.
President of the Students’ Council at the Gozo Sixth Form, where he negotiated on behalf of students a wider choice of subjects taught at post-secondary level in Gozo.
President of the Gozo Football Association, where he led a major reform seeing the GFA become a professional sport association, with new structures and headquarters, and more facilities, including the Gozo Stadium. Under his helm Gozo FC won one promotion after another, moving from the third division to the Premier League for the first time in its history.
Member of the first Nadur Local Council.
Graduated from the University of Malta as notary public.
Graduated from the University of Malta as lawyer.
Mayor of Nadur. Under his helm Nadur witnessed a wave of infrastructural, environmental, social and cultural projects, becoming the first Maltese locality to win the European Union’s Destination of Excellence Award. All major roads in Nadur, falling under the Council’s responsibility, were re-built, historical buildings restored, playing fields, gardens, sport facilities and panoramic parks inaugurated, two twinning agreements signed, an unprecedented amount of EU funds absorbed and the Nadur Carnival became Gozo’s biggest outdoor celebration.
Elected to Parliament, where he was reconfirmed in 2013 and 2017, with an always-increasing share of first-preference votes.
Parliamentary Secretary within the Office of the Prime Minister, responsible for – amongst others - Local Councils, Public Dialogue, Information, Employment Relations, Competition and Consumer Affairs. During this period, Chris Said reformed the system of Local Government in Malta, empowering Local Councils with new responsibilities. He set up the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC), strengthened the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) and launched the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA).
Minister for Justice and Social Policy. As Minister, Chris Said paved the way for major judicial reforms and launched new schemes to provide more housing for those who needed it most. He saw through Parliament the Freedom of Information Act and important amendments to the Equal Opportunities Act and the Embryo Protection Act.
Secretary General of the Nationalist Party. During his two-year-term, Chris Said brought to an end the party’s serious financial haemorrhage and re-organised and rejuvenated the party’s structures. In the Local Council elections, which took place towards the end of his term, the Nationalist Party decreased the 2013-gap with the Labour Party by almost 50%.